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Become a Better Basketball Player. Simple as That! 

DNA Basketball Academy is a a year round basketball program. That is dedicated to the sport. We provide Basketball Practice Academy Service Throughout the South Florida area. We are based out of South Florida from Miami to Homestead and work everyday to ensure our student athletes have what it takes to accelerate their skills under our paid and highly trained supervisors. 

3rd Grade - 12th Grade
Boys and Girls

Skills and Training

Two Sessions a Week, Two Hours Each Session, and Two Key Takeaways from each session

Our Triple Doubles

Our Basketball Practice Academy Program holds two sessions every week in our practice locations and each session is two hours long. Each Session we focus on two major sections of basketball. Whether defense and footwork, ballhandling and shooting, passing and dribbling, and any other two factor combo that we can combine. 

We switch it up every session so every session is different, new, and challenging! While most other programs only offer 1 hour sessions, we feel two hour sessions is just long enough to maintain attention while staying focused and intrigued. 

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Train Hard, Play Hard, and Have Fun

Here To Play, Stay for Fun

Our Basketball Practice Academy Program is for dedicated Basketball Players. We are not here to babysit. With that being said, we encourage to have fun. We often end our skills and training program with fun games, 2v2 or 3v3 to practice what we learned. 

We want Youth Basketball Players that are here to learn and dedicate their time to getting better. That is how we get better. We train tough, but we also encourage laughter and fun! 

After your childs first month being in the program, they will feel like part of the family. They will make friends instantly that will turn into life long friendships. Before you know it, they can Step up to Rec or even make a run for our Elite Travel Team

Learning Skills Under Pressure

Free Throw Training

Every Session we try to test our childrens nerves. Free Throws may seem easy, until it’s a tie game and everything is on the line. Peak Sports Writes alot about Pressure that you can read here

We work our student athletes nerves with fun, but competitive competitions.  From Extra Laps, burpees, or push ups if missing a free throw. 

Our Expert and Professional Coaches will teach your student athlete the fundamentals of how to shoot the basketball, followed with Form Shooting, and then ending with Free Throw Shooting. We do not start pushing for 3 point shots until the child is developed (NOT PUSHING THE BALL) and can maintain their form. 

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Sound Like Fun?

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