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DNA Basketball Academy

Make Great Athletes, with great Trainers

We Pride Ourselves on Being the best, bringing in the best, and training the best! 

DNA Basketball Academy makes sure that our program is dedicated to excellence. That begins with our trainers, staff, and personnel. We understand that this service needs to be executed to the utmost form of professionalism, while still incorperating fun, techniques, and challenges. 

DNA Basketball Academy

DNA Staff

DNA Basketball Academy

Coach Jonathan Brand

Our Founder and CEO

Jonathan Brand, the visionary founder and accomplished CEO behind our esteemed basketball program. With a profound passion for the sport and an unwavering commitment to its growth, Coach Jon has carved a remarkable path in the world of basketball. His innovative thinking, combined with a deep understanding of the game’s dynamics, has been the driving force behind the program’s exceptional rise. Jon’s strategic acumen and dedication to nurturing talent have not only led to the establishment of a thriving basketball community but have also paved the way for aspiring athletes to realize their dreams. Coach Jon has coached numerous Schools around the nation, as well as countless Championship AAU and Travel Basketball Teams.

DNA Basketball Academy


IT Support and Communication

Meet Piash, the proficient and versatile IT Support and Communications Director driving the technological and communicative facets of our esteemed basketball program. With a keen aptitude for all things tech and an innate knack for effective communication, Piash ensures that our program operates seamlessly on the digital front. His mastery of IT solutions guarantees that our technological infrastructure remains robust and responsive, facilitating smooth operations for players, staff, and stakeholders. Additionally, Piash’s adeptness in communication strategies strengthens our program’s connections with the world, ensuring that news, updates, and stories reach our diverse audience with impact. Piash’s instrumental role in fortifying our program’s digital landscape and enhancing its outreach underscores his invaluable contributions to our program’s growth and success.

Cell & WhatsApp Number: +8801674955262

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