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Homestead Basketball Training

Training South Florida Since 2010

Our Homestead Basketball Training Location is a Staple in our Basketball Training Program

Homestead Basketball Training

Our Homestead Location is one of our more popular locations that we have. This location is a staple in our Basketball Training program and we welcome all types of players here. From beginners to advanced. 

Our coaching staff is developed and trained to provide a well-balanced learning experience for your child. All of the coaches on our staff are highly experienced and certified.

Homestead Basketball Training is located at 201 SW 11th Ave, Homestead, FL 33030

What You Will Learn At Homestead BASKETBALL TRAINING

Handle the Rock

How to Control, Handle, and be confident holding and handling the basketball .


We have Experienced Coaches that really know how to shoot a basketball. From launch angles, feet, position and more.


Not enough programs teach proper defense, or any defense for that matter, our footwork and toughness will bring good defensive habits.

Game IQ

Almost all practices at PALMETTO BAY BASKETBALL TRAINING end with some sort of game style play to help learn Baksetball IQ


Learn to box out and grab the ball with both hands. Easy fundamental box out trainging to advanced position movements.


Learning to read the court, make great passes and learn the game of transition basketball. From how to pass to elite deception.

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We are growing faster and faster and our constantly looking to grow more South Florida Basketball Locations so we can open up a location close to you! In the upcoming years, we are going to expand our South Florida Locations and operate in the great Miami and South Florida areas. In the meantime, subscribe to our email newsletter where we send out up to date information as well as practice drills, skills, helpful tips, articles and more! 

Looking To Start Training!

Take advantage of these fast growing locations and start training today! Our expert coaches and training staff will have your student athlete getting recognized in no time! 

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