DNA Basketball Camp Programs

Teaching Youth Athletes to be great with the art of a basketball! Our Training Camps will catapault your childs skills in no time! Hardwired into their DNA!

Spring Break

Basketball Spring break Camp

Our South Florida and Miami Based Spring Break Program is one of the Most popular and exciting things to do during your week off of School. Don’t worry, your child will have countless activities (besides basketball) that we have arranged for them. They will want to continue coming back after our fun activities and maybe even sign up for our Skills and Drills monthly membership program that is year round as well!


Basketball Summer Camp Program

Our South Florida and Miami Based Summer Basketball Camp Program is geared towards teamwork and sportsmanship. While we still continue to execute drills, skills, and our core fundamentals, we work on team moral, values, and leadership. We also have a great time and play all different sports throughout the day and dont forget your Swimsuit! This program usually runs all Summer Long and you will see your child develop rapidly. This program is what separates the rest of the basketball team from your child. This added extra skills and time spent learning, will catapult their skills.

Winter Break Camp

Basketball Winter Break Camp

Our South Florida and Miami Based Winter Break Basketball Camp Program is probably our most funnest. The kids are just as excited as we are and we make this program more basketball based as we have tournaments coming up after the New Year! This camp is geared towards basketball, but we also like to incorporate the holidays as well!

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About DNA Basketball Academy

DNA Basketball Academy is a Youth Basketball Program that teaches students and athletes the game of basketball. From very beginner basic fundamentals to very high level training for our skilled athletes. We have several locations that we train at across South Florida.  From our academy, we have recreation basketball leagues for our novice student and we even have our Elite Travel Teams for our advanced athletes. No matter your skill level, we have a place for you here at DNA Basketball Academy. 

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