Terms & Conditions

Cancellations and Refunds

There are no cancellations or refunds. DNA Basketball Academy will not prorate any cancellations or disputes for cancellations due to cancelleling your membership. All memberships must be cancelled in writing or through the login portal on your account. If you are charged your membership fee before you cancel, you will have one full month to redeem your membership at practice. All sales are final. 

Informed Consent

I hereby give my approval for my child’s participation in any and all activities prepared for by DNA Basketball Academy. I also assume all risks and hazards, incidental to the conduct of the activities, and release, absolve and hold harmless DNA Basketball Academy and all it’s respective officers, agents, and representatives from any and all liability for injuries to said child arising out of traveling to , participating in, or returning from selected sessions, practices, and/or games. In case of injury, I hereby waive all claims against DNA Basketball Academy including all coaches and affiliates, All Participants, sponsoring agencies, advertisers, owners, and lessors of the premises used to conduct the event. In all Sports and activities, there are inherent risks involved in activities like basketball such as but uncommon the risk of fractures, paralysis, and even death.

Medical Release and Authorization

As parent/guardian acting on behlaf of the registered child athlete, I hereby authorize the diagnosis and treatment by a qualified and licensed medical professional, of the minor child, in the event of a medical emergency, which in the opinion of the attending medical professional, requires immediate attention to prevent further endangerment of the minor’s life, physical disfigurement, physical impairment, or other undue pain, suffering, or discomfort.

Recognizing the possibility of injury or illness, and in consideration for youth sports, accepting my son/daughter as a player in the DNA Basketball programs and activities of Youth Basketball and its members (the “Programs”), I consent to my son/daughter participating in the Programs. Further, I hereby release, discharge, and otherwise indemnify DNA Basketball Academy, its member organizations and sponsors, their employees, associated personnel, and volunteers, including the owner of fields and facilities utilized for the Programs, against any claim by or on behalf of my player son/daughter as a result of my son’s/daughter’s participation in the Programs and/or being transported to or from the Programs. I hereby authorize the transportation of my son/daughter to or from the Programs. My player son/daughter has received a physical examination by a licensed medical doctor and has been found physically capable of participating in the sport of Basketball. I have provided written notice, which is submitted in conjunction with this release and attached hereto, setting forth any specific issue, condition, or ailment, in addition to what is specified above, that my child has or that may impact my child’s participation in the Programs. I give my consent to have an athletic trainer and/or licensed medical doctor or dentist provide my son/daughter with medical assistance and/or treatment and agree to be financially responsible for the reasonable cost of any such assistance and/or treatment.


In the interest of our Program, DNA Basketball Academy and the advancement of youth sports, I (Parent/Guardian) , voluntarily authorize DNA Basketball Academy and its employees and agents to take photographs, produce newspaper or magazine articles, television programs, videotape recordings, internet materials and other visual and/or audio recordings in which your child participant may be included in whole or in part for showing to the general public for publicity and promotion for commercial use and social media such as TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and More! I have had the opportunity to ask questions about the potential uses of the interview/photograph/videotape or other audio visual and agree to the terms and conditions of the program.

Recreational League

Our Recreational League Program runs 3-4 times a year. You must be a member of DNA Basketball Academy in order to be on a DNA Recreational Team. Signing up for our Rec League teams automatically enrolls you to our monthly membership for our Skills and Drills. There are no cancellations from rec league once signed up.

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